In the month of September, 5G-STARDUST’s partners participated in two high-level events showcasing the crucial role of Non-Terrestrial Networks for 6G Systems.

The first stop was in Aveiro, Portugal, on September 6-8, at IEEE WiSEE 2023: an event that brought together investigators from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), the European Space Agency (ESA) as well as other space agencies and aerospace and space defense industries and researchers. Within the event, 5G-STARDUST co-organised 2 workshops.

Alessandro Guidotti (CNIT) at ISEE WiSEE

Firstly, Project Coordinator Tomaso de Cola (DLR), together with partners Alessandro Guidotti (University of Bologna, CNIT) and Mohammed El Jaafari (Thales Alenia Space France), co-chaired the “Non-Terrestrial Networks for 6G Systems (NTN6G)” workshop alongside representatives of other SatCom ecosystem projects and initiatives such as EAGER and 6G-NTN; as part of the workshop’s programme, Guidotti also gave a keynote speech on “The evolution of NTN from 5G to 5G-Advanced and the path to 6G”. The in-workshop session dubbed “The Road to Unified 6G Networks”, saw instead the participation of DLR’s Benjamin Barth, with a presentation entitled “A step towards 6G-NTN”Both slidedecks are available for download here.

As another feature of the workshop, Guidotti’s colleagues from University of Bologna Carla Amatetti and Riccardo Campana also presented a tutorial entitled “NB-IoT over NTN: Technology Overview, Challenges, and Potential Solutions”.

The second workshop co-organised by our partners was entitled Glue Technologies for Extreme Application Scenarios (GTExt)”, and once again featured a tutorial from University of Bologna (Bruno De Filippo and Riccardo Campana), on “AI for Non-Terrestrial Networks”The presentation slides for both tutorials are available for download here.

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On September 14 and 15, instead, the project touched FOKUS FUSECO Forum, in Berlin, Germany: an industry-oriented event organised by 5G-STARDUST partner Fraunhofer, centered on the state of affairs of 5G and standardisation.

The first day saw a presentation by Project Coordinator de Cola, and, on the second day, Guidotti returned to the stage to give a presentation on the “Evolution of Non-Terrestrial Networks towards 6G Systems” in the context of a panel discussion – If you’d like to learn more about the themes of the presentations, the slides are available here.